Cereals and seeds

The FDL grinds many types of seed and grain very efficiently. It processes whole grains and seeds more efficiently than conventional mills because it can break down the husk much better. FDL reduces the steps required in the milling process, lowering energy costs and therefore the price of the final product. The flour usually has a higher nutritional value because, unlike traditional milling processes, no frictional heat is generated. Surprisingly, the flour produced with FDL does not need any preservatives to keep it durable.

Normally, wheat flour becomes rancid within three months of production, even when processed with microwave sterilization and preservatives are added. However, flour produced by FDL processing remains sterile from pathogens for years after processing, eliminating the need to use dangerous processing methods and unwanted preservatives. True, natural and organic flour can only be produced with FDL.