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11. Home  
Welcome "We work with professionals from all over the world who usually come to central offices in this little region of north-west Italy. Kind and warm place where ideas are free and stimulated by the architecture of Gianmaria Barbotto, who projected and built this wonderful place."  
12. Glass  
The FDL technology is the first non-contact mill that separates paper, plastic, and metal and crushes glass into equal particles down to micron size in a single step.  
13. Plastics  
The FDL Megatron is not only capable of pulverizing any type of plastic (when we speak of plastic, we must remember that there are many types of plastic: PVC, PET, polyethylene, nailon, cellophane, moplen, etc. each of which contains toxic and non-biodegradable elements), but it also separates and…  
14. Demolition  
FDL technology is capable of imploding bricks, tiles, reinforced concrete, asphalt (removed from roads), waste tires, sewage pipes, porcelain, lightweight panels or prestressed concrete, and whatever else is generated in the aggregates sector. After treatment, they are crushed into microdusts that…  
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